Trust for Pet Lovers (call for cost)

Caring for your pets when you're no longer around.

If your pets are part of your family, there's a way to make sure Fido or Tabby gets the care and attention he or she needs in the event of your death.  Sadly a considerable number of domestic pets are condemned to imprisonment and a life without love because their owners did not know – and were not well advised - on how to make arrangements for them.  Only legally enforceable documents can guarantee a pet's secure future.

Yes, you can take care of your favorite pet - dog, cat or other animal - even after you are no longer able to. Legally, pets are classified as property. But to their owners they often mean more than the couch or the desk—they are best friends, companions, and family (sometimes the owners' only friends, companions, or family). When a person begins the estate planning process and classifies property and beneficiaries, the pets must be addressed as well.

What is a Pet Trust?

The Pet Trust is a revocable trust - you can set it up while alive and it takes effect on your death and becomes irrevocable.  Since it is irrevocable at your death, you need good drafting by a knowledgeable lawyer to address changes once you've passed on and can no longer give directions.

The trust has several key players:

  • The trustee in charge of the money verifies on a regular basis that your loved pet is being taken care of and is still alive.
  • The custodian who is the person with possession of your pet and to whom you have entrusted their care.
  • The remainder beneficiary who takes whatever is left in the trust after your pet passes on.

These trusts can be funded while you are alive or at death. It can be a separate trust agreement, or can be a sub-trust in your family revocable trust. At death of the pet, your heirs can receive the remainining trust assets, or you can direct any assets to a charity of choice, such as a pet shelter or other national pet charity.

We take pride in helping pet owners ensure the comfort and care of their pets in the event of the owner's passing, while keeping a watch on the trust assets. To learn more about this option, give us a call. We are pet lovers also.