Special Needs Trust Tailored for You

Asset protection and financial support for your loved ones.

Our special needs trust provides protection of assets to your loved ones suffering permanentl disability in addition to their public / government benefits.  See if an Ohio Wholly Discretionary Trust, Medicaid Payback Trust or an Ohio Supplement Needs Trust is right for your situation.

If you've been to meetings about future planning for your child with special needs, or spent much time with other parents, or read articles on estate planning, you realize that you have to put money in a Special Needs Trust so that your adult child does not lose services due to maximum income and countable resource requirements.

What is a Special Needs Trust?

A Special Needs Trust allows the parent or caregiver to set aside money for the future care of their loved one living with a disability while protecting the government benefits (Supplemental Security Income and Medicaid) that are crucial in providing the medical and income necessary to supporting the individual. In order to qualify for these benefits, there are cash, asset and many other restrictions.

Because the regulations are complex and constantly changing, it's important to select an attorney that specializes in these types of trusts.
At J.A. Kruse Law LLC, we walk you through the choices you'll need to make in getting a trust setup.