Business Formation Services - $495

Get your business running with our basic LLC kit.

Starting a Business?

Get your business up and running in no time with our Basic LLC Kit! Only $495 gets your name reserved and filed with Secretary of State, federal tax ID number, basic member-managed pro rata profit allocation Operating Agreement. And consultation on issues of liability, taxes and business contracts.

Basic LLC Formation Kit - $495 attorney fee plus state filing fees. With our basic LLC kit you will receive up to 2 hours of legal consultation plus your standard member-managed LLC Operating Agreement, Federal Tax ID, filing of your business name with the Secretary of State (usually a fee of $125 payable to the State), and a discussion of your status as an independent contractor.

We also provide additional fee-based services for contracts, leases, employment agreements, tax planning and sales tax issues.

Tax Planning LLCs

We specialize in creating LLCs that do more than provide a basic legal entity for conducting your business. While most owners use Ohio for their state of organization as domestic LLCs, the LLC laws of the State of Nevada offer unique planning, tax and creditor protection options.

For the right business owner, we can use the LLC to:

  • Shift income to other family members to take advantage of lower taxes.
  • Disproportionately allocate expenses and/or income to select Members.
  • Create voting and nonvoting interest to control the business.

LLCs can also be used for family investment purposes and as an alternative to trusts for estate planning. LLCs are excellent methods for multiple owners of family farms, recreational land and vacation property, and real estate in general. Call us to discuss how we can help you take better advantage of the laws for you and your LLC.