Business Consultation

Get your own "Counsel on Demand!"

How many small business owners can afford to keep an attorney on retainer, much less hire one as a full time employee? Control your expenses and maximize your results by using our "Counsel on Demand" service. We offer the following transactional legal services:

  • Leases. Get a legal opinion on a proposed lease or have us draw one up for you. It could be for an office, land, farm rent, equipment or other property.
  • Business Agreements. Every business operates with contracts. We can review an agreement to determine your rights and options. Or we can draft an independent contractor agreement to avoid employer-employee liability.

    Examples of business agreements in use by our clients include maintenance agreements, software related contractor agreements, advertising and marketing agreements, and equipment leases.

  • General Counsel Consulting Services. John spent 27 years in corporate business in various capacities as in-house legal counsel, marketing VP, and product development. His experience includes the ability to assist you with your strategic and operational business planning. He focuses on results and practical implementation to improve small businesses on Main Street America.

We offer consultation in your office or at our location, by phone, email or fax on all types of issues that affect your business daily, whether legal, tax or planning oriented. Hire us for an hour, a day or a week for a specific task.